FilmMatters is a free educational outreach programme designed to use film as a powerful teaching tool to engage students in the study of relevant issues such as diversity, acceptance and social action.

Film Study Guides

Bag of Marbles

7 Days of Remembrance

Secrets of War

Orthodox Stance


The Zig Zag Kid

The People V. Leo Frank

Joachim Prinz: I Shall Not Be Silent

Anne and the Reverend

Misa's Fugue

Run Boy Run

The Boys of Terezin

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About FilmMatters


As part of our commitment to making our film education programme accessible to all schools across the GTA, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival is now launching FilmMatters online. Recognizing that time, geography, and budget constraints makes it difficult to organize field trips, our new initiative allows teachers to screen films in their own classrooms at a time of their choosing. All they need is a screen, a data projector and access to the Internet to be able to access any of the films from our education catalogue. All of of the films are free of charge.

The FilmMatters programme explores issues of racial, religious and cultural diversity through film as part of an anti-racism curriculum. The films chosen for our programme can be applied across many subjects, from English, through to History and other Humanities courses. We have a range of films that are suitable for both elementary and secondary schools. Listed below is a sample of a few of the films we are offering. The list will be updated as we acquire more films.

All of our films are free of charge to view and come with an accompanying study guide with comprehensive lesson plans for classroom use.


FilmMatters is generously sponsored by:  Renette & David Berman